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Bellissimo 2019


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Costumes Designed by: Roche'


Section 1 - Arising


To recognize the African American massive as a member of and key contributor to the international carnival community. In the spirit of SOLIDARITY we choose to introduce an African American expression of the Pan-African flag to signal our Arising! 

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Section 2 - Aspire


To heighten awareness and take action against the unpatriotic poaching of one of the National birds of Trinidad and Tobago, the Scarlet Ibis. These social, charismatic and timeless birds are a spectacular site to witness as they settle in the tree tops during sunset and turn the green mangroves and blue skies SCARLET red!!. In the spirit of SOLIDARITY let us rise and ASPIRE to protect the National symbol of Trinidad and Tobago. Together we ASPIRE, together we ACHIEVE!! 

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Section 3 - Indigenous


At  Miami carnival we come together not only to revel but also to be  revived by our collective strength in actual unity. In the spirit of  SOLIDARITY we will use that strength to stand up against a holiday that  continues to reinforce a false story.  Let us associate our festive time  with Indigenous People Day! Instead of celebrating Columbus, today we  will honor the perseverance and resilience of those INDIGENOUS PEOPLE, a  people known for harmony with self and nature!! 

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Section 4 - DanceAfrica


AGO  AME! AGO AME! . DanceAfrica will showcase the vivid sights, sounds and  hypnotic energy of the Motherland. In the spirit of SOLIDARITY we will  utilize the platform of Miami Broward One Carnival to embrace and  display our rich African roots! ASE’,ASE’, ASE’!! 

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